All of the 2010 result that are given to me have been posted for now, any other result that haven’t been posted are the game which the detail not been given so no further scorer will be added to the list to those game
Oldfren Vs kulapis= 5-3 (kumin,jam,samri,zulhilmy,dillah)
Oldfren Vs bandaran= 3-1 (Zulhilmy,kumin,kamis)
Oldfren Vs kwn dillah=6-2 ( mawi,raqiib,arib,kumin,awang,zulhilmy)
Oldfren Vs team antah= 2-1 (Mong,zulhilmy)
Oldfren Vs nda tau= 4-3 (ayul 2x,arib,kumin)
Oldfren Vs PJ = 1-1 (Wandi)
Oldfren Vs PR = 3-2 (hadi,awang,jam)
Oldfren Vs Naka = 2-1 ( awang 2x)
Oldfren VS Taz = 1-0 (awang)
Oldfren VS Reality = 1-2 (dilah)
Oldfren Vs sg bsr = 3-0 (samri 2x,mawi)
Oldfren Vs htm = 1-0 (wandi)
Oldfren VS Reality = 2-2 (shah,arib)
Oldfren Vs sg bsr = 3-0 (dilah 2x,wandi)
Oldfren Vs htm = 3-1 (shah 2x,mawi)
Oldfren Vs Shah jnr = 1-1 (dilah)
Oldfren Vs rojack = 1-0 (Raqiib)
Oldfren VS Kapiteam = 5-1 (awang2x,arib,samri,qayum)
Oldfren Vs Ngian = 2-0 (qayum,dilah)

futsal frenly

25-07-10 at jkr hangar,oldfren held a friendly match with spartacus fc. WE played 5 games with spartacus fc and taking the honor in 4 occassion. here is the result:

game 1: win 6-5 (Dilllah(2),Zulhilmy,Halim,Raqiib,Samri)
game 2: win 3-1 (Dillah(2),Kurus)
game 3: win 1-0 (mawi)
game 4: lost 3-4 (halim(2),mawi)
game 5: win 5-4 ( Dillah,mawi,Halim(2),kurus)
straight to the point,the topis is about our field game during this month. We played to match against bebatik and the other one against unknown team.

the first game occured at 11/07/10 at jkr sports field against bebatik. We won the game 3-2. with only 11 players coming, its fair to say that the 2 goal conceded in the later minutes of second half because of tiredness and fatigue.
Scorer: Zulhilmy(2), Arib.

the second game took place in the evening of friday 23/07/10 at belapan sports field. We managed to win the game in the highly contest game with the score of 5-3. The attendance of our players is overwhelming and the spirit is high.
Scorer: Jam.Kumin(2),Halim,Awang.

with both of these result..our field action is still 100%record. keep it up guys

mini tourney

27-3-10 - our very own oldfren futsal team participated in one of tournament held in the country. the mini tourney held at ubd sport complex. Oldfren listed 8 player for this tournament with half of it import player due to our own player other commitments. Located in group C, Oldfren doesnt have much trouble in the group finishing as a winner with 3 win and a draw.

Entering the quarterfinal stage, oldfren bow out of the tournament. Judging by the way of our play, oldfren can go further but unfortunately bad luck happens. Good luck for next tournament guys..

listed players: Halim,Mawi,Raqiib,Samri,Raimie,Hazmi,Jai,Aliq(the later four are the import players)

win 2-0 against galacticos (Hazmi,Aliq)
win 2-0 against phmj fc (Raqiib,Hazmi)
win 2-1 against twinstar (Hazmi,Samri)
draw 1-1 against KDFT (Aliq)

quarterfinal lost to KFC 1-0
a simple report this time around..playing as many games in a month as total we played five game..

lost to KsK 0-2
lost to vokmas 0-2
draw with masin 1-1
win against ego 5-1
win against taz fc 1-0